Jenoris Hair Loss Shampoo

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  • Hair loss shampoo enriched with AnaGain™ and assorted highly-effective ingredients.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Strengthens hair fibres and adds body to thin hair.
  • Recommended for all hair types.
  • Sizes: 250ml & 500ml.
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Hair growth stimulating shampoo. Strengthening hair fibers and supplying body to thin hair. Enriched with AnaGain™ and assorted highly-effective ingredients.
Recommended for all hair types.

For an intensive treatment use with Jenoris Hair Loss Ampoules.

What makes JENORIS so special for your hair?

Bringing the extraordinary Power of Pistachio, JENORIS products are all about nature at their best.

Enriched with Pistachio and Borage oils as a central essence in all of the products, JENORIS nourishes the hair with vitamins and provides it with Omega 3, 6 & 9. These are the essential fatty and non-fatty acids produced naturally by the scalp. Applied to hair which has been damaged by chemicals or heat, this exclusive Omega formula nourishes and enriches the hair fibre, and repairs the structure of the hair shaft. The amino acids and vitamins from the additional fruit oils also provide 100% natural silicones which protect the hair from further environmental damage.

The special blend, exclusive to JENORIS, guarantees hair with exceptional shine, moisture and elasticity throughout the day.

The Omega effect regenerates damaged and burnt hair and has a deep nourishing effect on dry and coloured hair.

Experience the Power of Pistachio for yourself.

Long lasting results

As hair care professionals, we see hair that really needs attention. When people leave hairdressing salons transformed, they want the result to be permanent. The real challenge is how to help clients maintain the perfect hair treatment result for a longer period of time. We understand that the daily hair care products are a big part of the problem. So we have developed and expanded a professional hair care line with the result that it is now available for everyone to go through life with shiny, smooth, silky and healthy hair.

About Jenoris

The Jenoris journey started with the need for a perfect product. We’ve been moved to the lab. We started to analyze breaks and split ends in the hair strands. We examined the hair for strength, suppleness and shine to really understand what really makes the difference and how to maximize these qualities. We opted for a scientific approach. We have tested, analyzed, measured and improved using an array of natural and compound ingredients. We developed Jenoris through this rigorous process. The result exceeded our expectations and those of our customers. Jenoris stands for vitality, exclusive, fresh and innovative.

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250 ml, 500 ml

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